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Suppliers of Readymade Curtains for Rental Properties

Whether you are a property manager with multiple rentals or a landlord with a single property, our readymade curtains are exactly what you are looking for.

Affordable, stylish and effective for both heat retention and privacy, our thermal triple weave, blockout and sheer readymade curtains are available in a range of sizes, styles and colours for purchase online with fast delivery NZ wide.

Thermal Self Lined Curtains

Our readymade thermal self lined curtains are made with a multi-layer polyester fabric with great insulation properties. Your curtains will hang beautifully, are exceptionally soft, reduce exterior noise and can stop up to 80% of light.


Blockout Curtains

Our readymade blockout curtains have a separate three pass blackout lining attached, which blocks 100% of both sunlight and UV rays. Ideal for using in bedrooms, our curtains also help insulate a room, keeping the cold out.


Sheer Curtains

Our readymade sheer curtains help to filter sunlight, while enhancing a room's privacy. Used on their own or double hung with our thermal lined or blackout curtains, sheers drape beautifully and add a touch of class to every room.


Choosing Curtains for a Rental Property

When selecting curtains for a rental, there are three main considerations:

  • Quality - high quality curtains are essential for use in rental properties. Our curtains are  great quality, and suitable for use in areas of high usage.
  • Function - thermal lined curtains are ideal for reducing heat loss and light blocking in bedrooms and living areas.  Blockout curtains are great in bedrooms to stop both sunlight and UV entering, but also help with room insulation. Sheer curtains are useful for enhancing a room's privacy as well as providing insulative properties.
  • Price - affordability is key when it comes to choosing curtains for rentals. Our readymade curtains are some of the cheapest in New Zealand, averaging between 60-80% lower than retail pricing. Combined with our excellent customer service and fast shipping, you just can't go wrong.

Read our guide for specific advice on how to measure a window for curtains, and if you require assistance, we're only a call or email away. In terms of colour, neutral is best for rental properties, and our thermal triple lined and blackout curtains are available in multiple colour shades.

Blinds & Curtains Make a Rental More Appealing to Tenants

By 2024, private rental properties are required to meet the Healthy Homes Standards for heating, insultation, ventilation, draught stopping and moisture ingress and drainage.  While curtains are not compulsory in meeting these standards, they help considerably with insulation and draught stopping. When choosing a home to rent, the majority of tenants want a property which is warm, dry and inviting, three things that readymade curtains can provide.

Up to 45% of heat in a home can escape through windows. Curtains reduce the amount of air exchange between a warm room and a cold window, keeping the warm air inside. Curtains which are mounted closely to the window frame, floor length and overlap the side of the window frame are the most effective at this.


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