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Our custom blinds offer a practical and contemporary look to any home. A simple way to control natural light, heat and provide privacy, your custom blinds are available as roller blinds, dual roller blinds, venetian blinds and vertical blinds. We can also ensure they will be suitable for use with a home automation system too. To order your custom blinds, please contact us directly. 

Roller Blinds - Blockout: You can't see out and no one can see in, the fabric is not see-through. Blackout blinds are perfect for blocking out the sun in bedrooms, and offer extra privacy in bathroom, toilet, garage. To be cost-effective or for Rentals the whole house can be fitted with these so it is practical for tenants and durable to use. 

Roller Blinds - Sunscreen: Significantly reduce the sun's glare whilst still allowing light through, as the fabric has an open weave that allows a view out whilst still providing privacy. You can't see into the room from outside (when it's lighter outside), however sunscreen blinds don't provide privacy at night when your lights are on. Thus highly suggest install these only in less-privacy concerned areas. 

Roller Blinds - Light Filtering: You cannot see through the fabric hence the term “light-filtering” meaning only light can pass through. Light-filtering blinds transform harsh sunlight into a soft glow and brightens more of the room and reduces the need for artificial lighting. In lounge & dining areas just a single of this will perform both Blackout & Sunscreen blind's functions!

Roller Blinds - Double/Dual Blinds: To achieve privacy and light during the day with a light filtering or sunscreen blind and room darkening with a blockout blind. If neighbours are able to see into your property, you can use double blinds to provide that privacy without excluding light completely. At night, when you have lights just roll down the Blackout blinds, thus it will enhance your privacy and reduce security risks.

Roller Blinds - Motorisations: Electronically controlled, whenever you want to raise or lower your blinds, you don't have to worry about using a manual chain or rope system, simply use the remote control, wall switch or  the APP from smartphone!

Venetian Blinds - PVC & Wooden: Venetian blind is superior in privacy and light control because of their lifting and tilting slats. The addition of Venetian blinds to a room will instantly give it a classic and sophisticated feel.

Vertical Blinds: The long slats of vertical blinds add the feeling of spaciousness and height and allow more light to filter in when open or closed as compared to horizontal blinds. As vertical blinds stack to the side when open, they create a completely exposed window for light to come through as well as an unobstructed view.

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